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Classes at The Quilt Classroom are temporarily suspended due to relocation of our premises.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Quilt Classroom is to create an enthusiastic, energetic, friendly environment fostering the love of quilting. We aim to make our classes a fulfilling experience that guides students through different techniques and patterns.

Our Goal

Here at The Quilt Classroom, we will do everything possible to make the studio a comfortable place for our students to sew, to learn and to enjoy a great day of friendship and quilting.

Welcome to The Quilt Classroom!

While we are in the midst of moving you can still get some great quilting inspiration from our site. We would like to keep in touch so that we can all get together again soon.

You can see some pictures on our FAQ page.

Recent News

To the many quilters who have taken one or more of our courses; thank you for your support.

Don't stop now--as we know, quilting can be addictive.

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Quilt Talk and Teasers

Amish quilts are famous and older Amish quilts reach high prices at antique auctions. They are striking in their use of bold colours and plain fabrics. Why did the Amish not use patterned fabrics in their quilts?

"The Answer is Here."